Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Posted by
Cooper Silburn

Lake of the Week: Wisini Lake

Acres: 115.7

Campsites: 3

Directly south of Kekekabic Lake is Wisini Lake, which may seem small on a map, but looks are deceiving with this one. This lake is mighty.

Wisini Lake has one of the best kept secrets of the Boundary Waters, one so well kept among those who have visited it that it’s difficult to mention in this blog. We know you’ll love it as much as we do, so we’ll let you in on the secret!

If you’re heading south from Kekekabic Lake, make your way towards the bottleneck of land on the south end of Wisini. You’ll see a rock-step about 20 feet high. There is a campsite on top of these rocks with more than enough room for a couple of tents. We highly recommend a night or two up there, there’s nothing like a Boundary Waters sunsets perched above Wisini Lake. You’ll have to work a bit to get your gear up there, but it is more than worth it!

This is a great lake to enjoy a bit of silence on. You’ll probably see others passing through, but few stay as Wisini is in-between Kekekabic and Fraser. If you bring a hammock, you’re certain to get a nice snooze in as the wind whips through the trees above you.

Arrive on the early side if you’re hoping to get the site, and then spend the day exploring the cliffs or fishing off the rock-steps just below the site. We’ve heard some great Bass come out of Wisini!

What is your favorite Boundary Waters campsite?