Lake of the Week

Lake of the Week: Little Saganaga Lake

Jul 24, 2018
Cooper Silburn

Acres: 1734.6
Campsites: 24

Directly south of Saganaga lake by just a handful of miles is the slightly smaller and thus aptly named Little Saganaga Lake. The larger Saganaga may be a unique experience, and oh do we love it, but there is a special place in our hearts for lakes like Little Saganaga. They can be overlooked in the shadow of their larger counterparts, and in life it’s always the little things that we remember best, right? Slightly faster crossings, a smaller chance of encountering other parties, stronger chances of having the fishing to yourself, what more can we say? Don’t be deceived, though, since Little Saganaga is only little in name at a solid 1700+ acres.

Little Saganaga is a great connector lake to the larger Saganaga, and thus a gateway to many other parts of the Boundary Waters. We’ve heard great reports from different folks passing through Little Saganaga, some of which you can read on Paddle Planner. This is a great lake to stop by for a night or two to enjoy a starlit sky in a place that feels like the middle of nowhere and the center of the universe all at once. Little Saganaga has numerous islands, peninsulas and bays, and high winds on this lake can make navigating it a challenge as this trip report reminds us, although poor weather can make for pretty exciting trips sometimes!

What’s the diciest weather you have experienced in the Boundary Waters and how did you handle it?