Lake of the Week

Lake of the Week: Gabimichigami Lake

Jul 16, 2018
Cooper Silburn


Acres: 824
Campsites: 9

The great Gabimichigami lake sits right above Little Saganaga lake and is connected by a campsite to the 41 mile long Kekekabic Trail, part of the much longer 4,600 mile long North Country Trail. This lake has much to offer for those looking to expand their Boundary Waters lake repertoire and experience some great alone time. Its nine great campsites are situated in such a way that you’d think you were utterly alone even if each site was occupied by a full group.

It goes without mentioning, but be sure to bring a rod. Burbot, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, White Sucker and Yellow Perch are the usual catches here. This lake can easily be connected to Little Saganaga. A few quick portages connect the two, and then Little Saganaga is broken up into numerous smaller islands and coves that are home to a great variety of fish.

This lake has a great name, eh? If you know what it means give us a holler! What’s the name of your favorite lake in the Boundary Waters?