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Together, we are stronger

In August 2012, NMW had its first meetings with conservation groups in Minnesota, urging the formation of a national movement to protect the Boundary Waters from sulfide-ore copper mining. It had its first meetings with members of Congress in Washington, DC in November 2012. We’ve since grown to a coalition of 400+ businesses, conservation, and hunting & angling organizations collectively reaching millions of people.


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Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness

Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness (NMW) is a locally-based national organization with strong ties to the wild public lands of northern Minnesota and Canada. We advocate for the life-sustaining values of wilderness. We are inspired by the beauty, resilience, and priceless ecological and social values that wilderness provides, and we take action to defend our most exceptional wild places, especially the world-class Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW or Boundary Waters) of Northeastern Minnesota. NMW’s central effort is the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters. 

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Boundary Waters Business Coalition

Our business coalition includes more than 350 small businesses, outfitters, manufacturing companies, hunting and fishing businesses, and others that rely on and support this world-class Wilderness for employment and quality of life.


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Kids for the Boundary Waters

Meet the next generation of young Wilderness Warriors who are educated about and involved in the fight to defend the Boundary Waters against the proposed sulfide-ore copper mine adjacent to the Wilderness.


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The Boundary Waters Action Fund

Our 501(c)(4) affiliate organization, the Boundary Waters Action Fund, is dedicated to protecting the Boundary Waters Wilderness from the threat of sulfide-ore copper mining. Run and organized by the same parent group, Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness, the Action Fund was started to take even more political action to help permanently protect the Wilderness.



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Our International Coordination

Because water flows north when north of the Laurentian Divide, if the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is polluted by a copper mine, the damage will flow north into the Canadian waters of Quetico Provincial Park. The Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters works internationally with our friends across the Canadian border to coordinate efforts to protect this wild place:

US-Canadian International Joint Commission / International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Board / Minnesota Chippewa Tribe and Anishinabe First Nations of Treaty 3  / Embassy of Canada / Consulate General of Canada.

Campaign Partner Organizations