Twin Metals just submitted their mine plan and we need your help to make sure this project doesn't go any further.

Sulfide-ore copper mining next to America's most visited Wilderness would cause irreversible damage that cannot be mitigated or fixed. This is the wrong place to put a mine. The Boundary Waters is too special to risk.

Take Action here to help stop this project from moving forward. 

Campaign Press Release/Statement

MINNESOTANS: Call Governor Walz and tell him not proceed with the Twin Metals mine: (651) 201-3400

Sample Script:

Hi, my name is ________ and I'm calling to ask Governor Walz to stand up for the Boundary Waters and not allow the Twin Metals mine to go any further. The Wilderness is too precious for risky sulfide-ore copper mining and it's our duty as Minnesotans to stand up and preserve this crown jewel for generations to come.  

Please call Governor Walz now, before it’s too late:
(651) 201-3400 

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What is a mine plan and why is it important?

A mine plan of operation is a combination of maps and information that describes every aspect of the proposed mining operation. It shows where the mine shaft and extraction areas will be, where the ore will be processed, how the massive amounts of tailings will be permanently stored, where electricity will come from, what new roads and rail lines will have to be created, and what kind of chemicals will be needed to extract the minerals. It will show that more than a square mile of intact forest and wetlands will be destroyed to create the mining district. .

The mine plan is important because the state agencies - Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) - will use it to identify the many negative environmental impacts the project will create.  We know these will be devastating to the immediate area and to the BWCAW, which is why we cannot let this mine move any further along in the process. Take action now.