The dog days of summer in the Boundary Waters

Aug 10, 2022
Ethan Brown
A person wearing a green "Save the Boundary Waters" windbreaker stands on a rock with their dog, who is a brownish color, as they cast a fishing rod into a Boundary Waters lake in the evening.

The excitement of a summer trip to the Boundary Waters isn’t exclusive to humans — just ask anyone who’s brought their dog along!

This year, our Dogs for the BWCA Instagram account has received so many pictures of four-legged friends enjoying America’s most-visited Wilderness. Letting your pup join in on the Boundary Waters fun can make a great trip even better — check out this blog post to learn more about how to do it safely. 

As we enter the dog days of summer, here are a few of our favorite pictures of dogs enjoying the Boundary Waters:

1. You’d be surprised how comfy a canoe can be!

That metal may look tough to rest on, but one look at BWCA Dogs on Instagram will show you it can be a dog’s favorite resting spot during a long paddle. Thanks to @anniemichelle__ for sending us this great shot!

2. Boundary Waters dogs know how to carry their weight

A backpack for your dog can be a great way to store food, first aid supplies, and other necessities when bringing your pet into the Wilderness! Lobo looks ready to go, based on this picture from @iloboyou2.

3. What do you think this pup is looking at?

Knowing that it’s still blueberry season in northeastern Minnesota, we’re guessing they may have spotted an unpicked bush that needs attention. Either way, we love this canoe candid from @forgedfromthewild!

4. Nothing beats being able to nap on the lake

For those who have experienced the bliss of snoozing in a canoe while your buddies paddle — this one’s for you. One of our Campaign’s staff caught her pup dozing off during a recent Boundary Waters trip.

5. No one can resist those Boundary Waters views — not even your dog

Lounging in a canoe throughout the day sounds pretty luxurious, but we bet the view from a Wilderness campsite is just as good for dogs as it is for people. By the looks of this picture from @bou_its_meghan, Otto certainly sees the appeal.

6. Everyone gets to relax in the Boundary Waters

After a long day of laying in canoes and exploring new campsites, every dog deserves a chance to chill out. Thanks to @rachaelaschauer for sending in this picture and showing how Cinder has mastered the concept of Wilderness relaxation.

Want to bring your pup into the Boundary Waters? Check out these tips. (And don’t forget to tag @bwcadogs in the pictures you post on Instagram!)