Monday, April 26, 2021
Posted by
Roberto Heredia, Save the Boundary Waters

Thank you to our volunteers!

It is no secret that our volunteers at the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters are the key to our success. Our local staff works with so many passionate Boundary Waters lovers so that our movement reaches the far corners of the country. The volunteers at the Campaign help spread awareness and share the love for the Boundary Waters that many have. They are activists in their own rights, and work all over the nation in an effort to educate as many people as possible on the threat of sulfide-ore copper mining on the edge of the Boundary Waters. 

Our volunteers use efficient and strategic democratic tactics aligned with overarching Campaign goals that will educate and activate people within their areas. This helps us build the people power that we need to protect the Boundary Waters! 

No matter the circumstances, our dedicated team is always committed to our mission and even throughout the hardships of this past year have been a great support in our fight against the threat of sulfide-ore copper mining on the edge of the Boundary Waters. We at the Campaign cannot be any more grateful for the hard work our volunteers have put forth this past year and we thank them for everything they have done. From organizing on the beaches of Lake Michigan, helping with our text campaigns, to making phone calls and thanking donors and even hosting their own online events our volunteers have been fighting hard for our efforts. For this, we thank them!