Wednesday, May 1, 2019
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Lanny Witter

Poem | The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Author - Lanny Witter

After planning and anticipation, the time comes

There’s the sign that says you are now in the BWCAW

The daily cares quickly start washing away

Find that campsite you hope is empty

Scope it out, hang the food bag and erect tents

The first night it’s Brats and potatoes

Conversation and relaxation around a crackling camp fire

Retire early to be ready for the next day

Dawn arrives, time to rise, so quiet and peaceful

The tent zipper is so loud

Step out into the cool morning air

It is so quiet I can hear a pin drop

The hiss of the camp stove is the only sound

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee on a shore line rock

The granite rock has glacier scars

Not a sound - no breeze

The lake has a mist hovering over it

As the sun rises the mist melts away

The lake is smooth as glass and reflects clouds and trees

The quiet is interrupted by the plop of a jumping fish

The cry of a loon echoes across the lake

What a welcome wilderness sound that is

A breeze turns the lake into ripples

Then the sound of water lapping against the rocks

Time for pancakes that always taste better under the pine trees

Soon it is time to put the canoe in the water

All is quiet except for the sound of the paddle dipping into the water

There’s the sound of the canoe gliding across the lake

The scenic views are awesome and captivating

What is around the next bend you wonder

Portage past water rushing through a bed of rocks

When will we get to the end of the portage - the packs are heavy?

Suddenly you see a welcome patch of blue through the trees

What will the lake look like you wonder?

You arrive and unburden yourself of packs and canoe

Time for a shore lunch of trail mix and jerky

Each lake, portage and campsite are a new experience

Solitude, beautiful scenery, nature, sky blue waters, serenity

Observe picture perfect sunrise and sunsets from a lakeside rock

This is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Photo: Steve Piragis