Saturday, November 8, 2014
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Dave and Amy Freeman

NYC Events!

Wednesday, November 12th
Welcome Party at North Brooklyn Boat Club 

5 to 8 pm: Broadway Stages Boatyard (get directions)

Dave and Amy will be landing that afternoon, so come give them a warm welcome and hear a brief presentation about their trip thus far and importance of protecting wild areas. We will have fire and food on hand and folks will have an opportunity to sign their petition, which happens to be their 20 foot canoe in which they are paddling to D.C. Dress warm! The event will take place outside. The event is free and open to the public – bring your friends and family!



Thursday, November 13th
Rio Roosevelt presentation at the Explorers Club (RSVP required)

100 years ago, Theodore Roosevelt’s 1914 canoe descent of the Amazon’s mythical River of Doubt made history. It is now considered one of history’s most remarkable adventures. During this past centennial summer of that epic trek, Minnesota adventurers Dave Freeman and Paul Schurke retraced Roosevelt’s route by canoe and dug deeply into the life of this amazing man. Join Explorers Dave Freeman and Paul Schurke at the Explorers Club Trophy Room at 7 p.m. on Thursday, November 13. Dave and Paul will share stories & images from their 2014 “River of Doubt” trek and from the 1914 Roosevelt-Rondon first descent. They’ll also share anecdotes from a presidential life story that, as highlighted in this fall’s epic PBS series by Ken Burns, has been deemed utterly irresistible. The president’s great grandson, Theodore Roosevelt IV, with whom Dave and Paul consulted regarding their trip plans, will introduce them at this Explorers Club presentation. There is a cost to this event and a required RSVP. 

Tuesday, November 18th
Columbia University Divest Climate Justice

8:00 pm: Hamilton Hall – 1130 Amsterdam Avenue

Photo by Nate Ptacek

Hear the tale of their North American Odyssey. . .

What’s your idea of a perfect honeymoon? How about spending 3 years kayaking, canoeing and dogsledding 11,700 miles across North America?

. . . and their paddle to Washington DC.

Dave and Amy live near our nation’s most popular protected wilderness: the Boundary Waters. Learn about their current 100-day, 2,000 mile journey of activism and adventure to protect their home and way of life. So come down and sign the petition canoe! How can YOU use what you do best to work toward environmental justice?