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Meet Boundary Waters Connect, NMW’s economic and community development program

Sep 22, 2021
Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters
Meet Boundary Waters Connect, NMW’s economic and community development program

At NMW, we commit to fostering sustainable wilderness edge communities, where you can live, work, and play.  To that end, we seek to connect people and resources in ways that make our local economies grow and our communities welcoming and vibrant. 

For several years now, we’ve been researching rural America trends, talking with civic leaders, legislators, and local businesses, and developing ways in which NMW could best serve the communities on the edge of the BWCAW.  Our work reinforces our belief that strong rural communities and wilderness enjoy a unique and mutually beneficial and supportive relationship.

Boundary Waters Connect has launched or has underway a number of initiatives, some of which we wanted to highlight for you:

  • New resident recruitment-we’re initiating or supporting activities to grow our wilderness edge communities that build on the extraordinary quality of life and recreational amenities in these towns  
  • Community events and organizations-NMW recently took over sponsorship of Ely’s popular Tuesday Group, a community-focused weekly in-person and Zoom speaker series covering topics of current interest to area residents, and which also periodically features “new Elyites” who share their reasons for being in Ely in a warm and welcoming forum; we sponsor financially and in other ways local events and organizations
  • Tourism-Boundary Waters Connect collaborates with local tourism boards to promote tourism and new resident recruitment
  • Local businesses-we collaborate with local businesses through resource sharing and networking, and anticipate hosting programming designed to attract, strengthen, and retain local business

If you would like to stay better informed about the activities of Boundary Waters Connect, please join our dedicated email list by emailing ElyTuesdayGroup@gmail.com.

We also welcome volunteers to this effort, or just your thoughts and ideas! Please reach out at any time to engage with us by contacting Lacey Squier, our regional coordinator via email at ElyTuesdayGroup@gmail.com.