Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters

Could you be a leader for the Boundary Waters?

"Here I am on Cam Lake in May this year. I love that little waterfall spilling over the rock slab. It was my first of 3 trips this summer. I always want to get away to the BWCA, but this year I really felt a need to get away. The effort and the reward are just what I needed to recharge myself. We saw 4 moose on that trip, but even if the only wildlife we see is a chipmunk at our campsite, I love just being in the woods and on the lakes and streams. I appreciate all the work of so many in previous generations that loved the Boundary Waters and committed their time to preserve it. It is a special gift that we need to continue to protect so that we have a wild place that we can get away to. Incredible that we have this unique place in our backyards!"

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