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Campaign Statement re: Antofagasta renting house to Ivanka Trump

Mar 8, 2017
Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters
Today the Wall Street Journal and Star Tribune reported that the Chilean billionaire owner of Antofagasta, parent company of the Twin Metals mining project in Minnesota, is also renting a house to Ivanka Trump and White House Sr. Advisor Jared Kushner.
Antofagasta is currently suing the Federal government over mineral rights adjacent to Minnesota's Boundary Waters, America's most popular Wilderness and a national treasure. In December federal land managers declined to renew expired Twin Metals leases.
Statement from National Campaign Chair Becky Rom: "This deeply troubling news raises a simple question: Are Minnesotans - and our elected leaders - willing to cede control over our beloved Boundary Waters to a Chilean billionaire landlord to the Trump family? At stake is a pristine wilderness made up of some of the world's cleanest water. When healthy, the Boundary Waters helps power a thriving $900 million economy that supports 17,000 jobs in Northeastern Minnesota alone. Antofagasta's long history of pollution is no secret, but we now know the lengths to which they will go to curry favor with the Trump administration in order to enrich their foreign executives at Minnesota's expense. They simply can't be trusted with our precious national treasure."