Thursday, July 23, 2020
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The Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters

Campaign Staff's Favorite Lakes

Here are some of our Staff’s favorite Boundary Waters Lakes! 

Jordan Lake -Alyssa Brault, Business Relations Associate

Clearwater Lake -Nicole Kari, Administrative Coordinator

Photo Credit: Brad Carlson

 Lac La Croix- Levi Lexvold, Regional Organizer & Ely Office Manager 

Birch Lake -Lisa Pugh, Science and Policy Associate (not technically a Boundary Waters lake but important to this issue!)

Clearwater Lake -Megan Wind, Communications Specialist

Gabbro Lake -Tom Landwehr, Executive Director

Clear Lake - Marley Kehew, Campaign Intern

Lake Agnes- Ingrid Lyons, Development Director

Knife Lake -Samantha Chadwick, Deputy Campaign Manager