Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Chaz Wagner, War Bonnet

Ancestral Legacy: New Album from Rock Band War Bonnet

Celebrate Native American Heritage Day!

Boozhoo (Greetings) -

Our New Album "Ancestral Legacy" will be released on Friday November 27, 2020, Native American Heritage Day!

We're here to say our thoughts and feelings about the Boundary Waters. Being of Indigenous heritage, we're driven to protect the world's precious lands and waters from encroaching empires such as Twin Metals.

Mining has already proven to leave a devastating impact in our region of Northern Minnesota. It's time that all of us who live here, staunch the environmental bleeding, and support Save the Boundary Waters. Let us put an end to the damage and give our Mother Earth a chance to heal.

Our band will represent the Ojibwe Nation to speak out against any who would so much as threaten to disrupt or disrespect our traditions which Native Peoples have held on this continent for centuries.

These are our rights to hunt, fish, and gather on land we're sill fighting to protect for future generations.

We are proud to create music that speaks of and for Native Americans and the land upon which we live. We celebrate the honor, courage, and greatness of our ancestry.

Today we ask that you take time to listen to the songs being played in your own backyards. Would you want the peace and tranquility found there to be vanquished? Neither do we, which is why we must all band together to protect the Boundary Waters.

War Bonnet is a Native American rock band from the Ojibwe Reservations of Northern Minnesota.
The band performed as part of Save the Boundary Waters' Wild Waters music festival in 2019. Before the concert, the band was interviewed for the Timberjay newspaper.
Watch the music video for "Ikwe" - a song from the new album and a prayer for missing and murdered Indigenous women.

Native American Heritage Day from Save The BWCA on Vimeo.