Save the Boundary Waters Statement on Pete Stauber's Anti-Boundary Waters Press Conference

May 6, 2022
Jeremy Drucker

(Ely, MN)--Today Rep. Pete Stauber is holding an anti-Boundary Waters press conference to attack the Biden administration for taking science-based action to protect America's most visited Wilderness from the threat of sulfide-ore copper mining.

Ahead of the press conference Save the Boundary Waters Executive Director Ingrid Lyons issued the following statement:

"Nearly seventy percent of Minnesotans want the Boundary Waters protected from sulfide-ore copper mining, including over half of Pete Stauber's district. A Twin Metals mine would forever pollute the clean water and pristine Wilderness of the Boundary Waters, destroying thousands of jobs and ruining countless small businesses. Pete Stauber would better serve his constituents by looking after their well-being rather than doing the bidding of an international mining conglomerate with a track record of environmental degradation." 

A vast collection of peer-reviewed science shows that if a Twin Metals were built along the rivers and streams flowing into the Wilderness pollution and environmental degradation would be certain. The Boundary Waters is the most heavily visited wilderness area in the United States, attracting more than 160,000 visitors from all over the world and helps drive more than $900 million in annual economic activity and helps support over 17,000 jobs. A peer-reviewed independent study from Harvard University showed that protecting the Boundary Waters from a proposed Twin Metals sulfide-ore copper mine would result in dramatically more jobs and more income over a 20-year period.