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Ingrid Lyons named Executive Director of the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters

Mar 8, 2022
Jon Nelson and Jeff Soderstrom, Board Co-Chairs
Ingrid Lyons named Executive Director of the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters

We are pleased to announce that the Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness board has unanimously decided to remove the "interim" from Executive Director Ingrid Lyons' title. Under Ingrid's leadership the campaign has achieved some of the most significant wins in its history, and we are confident that under her steady direction the march toward permanent protection for our beloved Boundary Waters will be successful.

In October the Biden administration announced it was considering a 20-year ban on mining in the watershed of the Boundary Waters, and Ingrid successfully led an effort that delivered nearly a quarter of a million comments in support of a mining ban. That success was quickly followed by the news that the Biden administration had determined that the Twin Metals leases next to the Wilderness were unlawfully renewed by the Trump administration, and as such were subsequently cancelled, dealing a massive blow to the project.

Most recently, just a few weeks ago the Walz administration announced it was no longer considering the Twin Metals mine plan of operations, in no small part due to the advocacy of the campaign in detailing the risks to the state by allowing Twin Metals to put a toxic tailings dump along Birch lake. We still have much work to do to achieve permanent protection for the Boundary Waters, but we know that under Ingrid's leadership we will succeed in making sure the Wilderness is protected for future generations.


Sincerely, Jon Nelson and Jeff Soderstrom

Co-chairs, Board of Directors Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness
& the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters