Campaign Updates

Boundary Waters Supporters gather for a rally at the Minnesota Capitol

Mar 21, 2023
Lucy Trotter, Save the Boundary Waters
Crowd gathered in the Capital Rotunda

Save the Boundary Waters Campaign staff were joined in the Minnesota Capitol Rotunda by enthusiastic supporters from throughout the State, to advocate  for the  passage of the Boundary Waters Permanent Protection Bill (H.F. 329/S.F. 167). Ingrid Lyons, Executive Director of The Campaign, excited the crowd with an overwhelming statistic, exclaiming, “70% of Minnesotans just like you want the Boundary Waters to be permanently protected.” 

Will Steger, founder of Climate Generation, long-time climate activist, and Arctic explorer, spoke of the critical need to  preserve wild places like the Boundary Waters. He explained, “These areas increase climate resiliency and are vital for the survival of humanity on this planet,” and, “this land is vital not only as a carbon sink but also because it contains linked wildlife habitats and migration corridors of incalculable value.”


Angela Wunderlich, Program Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Y of the North Adventure Team, spoke of the undeniable impact the Wilderness has on the Northern Y Camps in the State. She commented, “Our programs rely on wilderness spaces to operate, and our programmatic outcomes are inextricably linked to the preservation and protection of our lands and waterways.” 

The crowd was also joined by Representative Sandra Feist, chief author of the bill, and Peta Barret, Owner/Operator of Women’s Wilderness Discovery. Representative Feist noted that she “ran for the legislature to advance the interests of the entire state and to effect big positive change for future generations of Minnesotans,” expressing that she was “incredibly honored to be carrying the Boundary Waters Protection Bill this session.” 

The Boundary Waters Permanent Protection Bill currently has 33 co-signers in the Minnesota House of Representatives and has been referred to the Environment and Natural Resources Committee. 

At the Federal level, U.S. Representative Betty McCollum reintroduced her Boundary Waters Protection Bill, H.R. 668. Encourage your members of congress to support the bill here