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Anti-Wilderness extremists are attempting to jeopardize the Boundary Waters

Feb 28, 2023
Libby London, Save the Boundary Waters
Anti-Wilderness extremists are attempting to jeopardize the Boundary Waters

Today, Minnesota’s U.S. Rep. Stauber and other anti-Wilderness lawmakers attacked our nation's environmental laws and spouted misinformation at U.S. House committee hearings* in an attempt to expedite so-called “permitting reform.” But we weren’t surprised by these cheap tactics.

Just days after being named chair of the Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee, Rep. Stauber introduced the "Permitting for Mining Needs Act," a bill that is inherently anti-Wilderness and would weaken environmental reviews for mining and limits the public's opportunity to comment on mining projects. We need your help to push back.

Anti-Wilderness extremists’ attacks seek to jeopardize the recent 20-year federal ban on mining next to the Boundary Waters by pushing dangerous legislation. The United States has long known that the Boundary Waters is an irreplaceable national treasure, but since federal agencies' action banning mining for 20 years, anti-Wilderness extremists persist in touting legislation that would threaten the Boundary Waters and other treasured landscapes. 

U.S. Representative Stauber has made clear his intention to pave the way for damaging the Boundary Waters with untested toxic mining, no matter the cost.

Anti-Boundary Waters forces are counting on you to become fatigued, lose momentum, and give up in this fight. We CANNOT give up. We need you to stay with us in this fight. 

We can stop these draconian attacks on our nation's environmental laws. But our strength comes from people like you - our supporters. And stopping these extremist ideas from gaining hold, means pushing back with the same speed and force.

Help fight back against extreme anti-Wilderness agendas in Congress. Rush a gift now.

Rep. Stauber's actions are a clear attempt to work against the will of the people. Nearly seventy percent of Minnesotans want the Boundary Waters permanently protected from sulfide-ore copper mining, including a clear majority in Rep. Stauber's district. Copper mining would forever pollute the clean water and pristine Wilderness of the Boundary Waters, destroying thousands of jobs and ruining countless small businesses. Pete Stauber would better serve his constituents by looking after their well-being rather than doing the bidding of an international mining conglomerate with a track record of environmental degradation.

How can we put an end to these severe, relentless attacks on the Boundary Waters? We have to win strong, long-term protections that can’t be easily unraveled by the mining industry or anyone’s future political whims.

*Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness, the lead organization of the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters, and other conservation organizations sent a letter to Members of Congress urging them to vote no on these harmful bills.

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