Friday, November 22, 2019
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Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters

Give to the Max Day Success!

This year was our most successful Give to the Max Day yet! We know that you had a lot of incredible and worthy organizations to choose from and are honored that you chose to support the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters - the lead organization fighting to protect the Boundary Waters from sulfide-ore copper mining. 

$232,221 raised.

1,789 donors. 

#3 on large non-profit leaderboard. 

$75,000 in matching gifts.

Many of you might be wondering how your gifts will be used. Here is a general breakdown of what areas of work your money will go to:

* These are unaudited numbers from 2018. 

2020 is going to be the Campaign's most critical year yet. Your gifts from Give to the Max Day will play a major part in the work we will accomplish. Here’s an inside scoop into what we will be working on with the help of generous supporters like you:

  • Continue lawsuit against federal government. 
    We sued the Trump administration for reinstating Antofagasta’s sulfide-ore copper mining leases in 2018. The lease language was clear that the leases should not be renewed.  We will continue this fight - and to the Court of Appeals, if necessary - to get these leases formally terminated.

  • Work with Congress to complete the environmental study.
    In 2017, the Forest Service initiated a 24-month study to determine if sulfide-ore mining was compatible with the purposes of the Superior National Forest. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue abruptly stopped the study after 20 months and has been unwilling to provide the preliminary information. We are working with Congress to require the completion of the study, as we are certain it would recommend no sulfide-ore mining.

  • Work with Congress to provide protection for the BWCA.
    Recently, Congress has passed legislation protecting other important natural areas from mining by prohibiting mining on federal lands. We are working with Congress to get the same consideration for the BWCA.

  • Work on State Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
    Antofagasta is likely to submit a mine plan and mining permit application early in 2020. We believe the state of Minnesota should not begin an EIS process because they don't have the federal reports identified above. If they do, we will be fully engaged with science and many citizens to ensure a thorough and robust EIS development process.

  • Promote state legislation to that would protect the BWCAW.
    The state standards for protecting the water quality of the BWCAW are insufficient to prevent degradation. We are identifying legislators who will introduce and support legislation that would ensure no degradation of waters or lands in the BWCAW. We plan to have legislation introduced in the 2020 Minnesota Legislature.

  • Educate & Advocate.
    The threat of mining to the BWCAW has gotten a lot of media attention in the last year, and we were responsible for much of that. We will continue to keep this issue in the news, and by direct education, so that citizens and lawmakers understand the serious threat this mine poses to the most popular wilderness in the United States.