Copper mining is a job killer.

70% of Minnesotans from both sides of the aisle oppose sulfide-ore copper mining in the Boundary Waters watershed.

ELY, MN—Today, June 20, as President Trump holds a roundtable discussion in Duluth concerning his trade policies and Minnesota’s northern economy, the Boundary Waters Business Coalition released a new fact sheet on the economic harm that risky sulfide-ore copper mining would bring to the area—the same dangerous mining that 70% of Minnesotans already oppose, 56% in the 8th district alone.

“The Boundary Waters supports thousands of jobs across a wide variety of industries sustained by people’s desire to live, work and visit an area adjacent to a world-class fishing, hunting, and recreation resource,” said Steve Piragis, small business outfitting owner. “There are many places to mine, but there is only one Boundary Waters. Minnesotans of both parties agree we should not allow copper mining in the watershed of America’s most popular wilderness.”

Based  on the study and conservative assumptions, sulfide-ore copper mining in the Boundary Waters  watershed would cost the Arrowhead economy:

  • Diverse & Growing Industries: 5,066 to 22,791 lost jobs and between $402 million and  $1.6 billion in lost annual income if sulfide-ore copper mining suppresses or reverses over all amenity-based growth at the heart of the Arrowhead’s recovery since the early 1980s.

  • Travel  & Tourism: $288 million in lost annual visitor spending that would support, 4,490 local jobs, $76 million in residents’ income, $31 million in state and local taxes, and $181 million in proprietor's income and business-to-business transactions.

  • Property  Value: $509 million in lost property value—a one-time drop in asset value should sulfide-ore mining be allowed in the Boundary Waters watershed that will spawn annual reductions in local property tax revenue throughout the region.

The October  2017 study of the Arrowhead Region’s economy reveals an already diverse and growing economy including industries such as healthcare,  tourism and recreation, small businesses, manufacturing, construction, services, and forest products.

Media Contact:
Doug Niemela
National Campaign Manager