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You can read the BLM's "environmental assessment" document on the renewal of these leases (it's only about 30 pages long).
Compose your comments to the BLM in the box below, and we will submit it to the BLM on your behalf. You can submit as many times as you like, if you think of another topic you want to cover.

Topic ideas for your comment:

  • Tell the BLM not to renew Twin Metals' old mining leases next to the Boundary Waters.
  • Include your personal experience in the Boundary Waters region for business, recreation, hunting, fishing, etc.
  • The BLM's study of lease renewal does not adequately examine the immense risks from copper mining next to the Boundary Waters, such as economic and environmental impacts.
  • If you have expertise in an area like geology, botany, law etc., feel free to include your perspective and knowledge in those areas especially!
  • Ask the BLM to extend the public comment period (which began right over the Christmas holidays) by at least 60 days to allow for more public and expert input.

If you want to find more information about this issue to include in your comments, some good resources include our Science Desk or other blog categories and Earthworks' Boundary Waters repository of scientific and economic studies.