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Save the Boundary Waters Volunteer Teams

Our national teams are led by Save the Boundary Waters Ambassadors - volunteers based in their communities who work closely with Campaign staff to educate and organize other passionate Boundary Waters supporters across the country (and around the world!). 

Teams then work to implement the following: monthly volunteer meetings; getting Letters to the Editor in local papers; community educational events; meetings with elected officials. 

Interested in joining a Save the Boundary Waters Volunteer Team? We currently have almost 40 Teams across the country. Look for one near you below! 

Do you live in a place without a Save the Boundary Waters Team? Help us get one started by applying to be an Ambassador here! For additional questions please email us at 


Austin, Minnesota
John Sand

Rochester, Minnesota
Florence Sandok

Minneaplis/St. Paul, Minnesota
Megan Moroff

Northwest Twin Cities
Lada Zednik
Facebook Group for Volunteers

Grand Marais, MN
Susie Kelnberger

Carver County, MN
Chuck Anderson


Greater Chicago Area
Bryan Whitehead, Megan Merritt, Audrey Jewett 

Central Illinois
Amy Funk

Northern Illinois
Starr Anderson

Ames, Iowa
Dennis Lavrov

Detroit, Michigan
Keerthi Vallabh

Southwest Michigan
Richard Hewitt

Pacific Northwest: 

Tacoma/Seattle, Washington
Lucy Soderstrom


Scottsdale, AZ
Kate Conway

Fort Collins, CO & Colorado State University
Madelyn Fahnline

Denver, CO
Greg Jackson


New York, NY
Gainsley Korengold

Washington, D.C.
Maddie Sligh


Mississippi & Ole Miss
Haakon Colwell


The Netherlands
Daniel Lundin